Building a Timber Gate Latch (by hand)

I think the best lesson I have been learning while developing my hand tool skills is that, hand tools can be quite fast for one off projects. Of course, if you want a perfect finish, super strong joints or complex designs you have to put the work in. But the same could be said forContinue reading “Building a Timber Gate Latch (by hand)”

Can you repair furniture with just Hand Tools?

After 10 years of service, our outdoor setting has started to fall apart. This has been my first opportunity to do some home repairs using hand tools. I have an outdoor setting that has come with me from house to house for the last 8 years that I purchased second hand. My goal with thisContinue reading “Can you repair furniture with just Hand Tools?”

Why bother with Hand Tools?

When I first thought about woodworking with hand tools, I thought it was an unnecessary chore, a relic of our past. I grew to learn that it is a wonderful past time that is becoming more and more relevant in a quickly changing world. In my first engagements wood working community I learned there wasContinue reading “Why bother with Hand Tools?”